Final Fantasy XIV plans a stress test for the Japanese data centers… but not North America or Europe


Ahead of the release of the Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy XIV‘s staff wants to make sure that the game’s servers are up for the imminent strain they’ll encounter. This is both a reasonable and understandable plan. As such, a stress test will be run on the Mana data center, one of the game’s Japanese centers, on August 27th. There will even be an accompanying livestream with producer and director Naoki Yoshida giving players directions about how to best strain the server, which is pretty neat.

But what about events for North America and Europe? Well, those won’t be happening, as the post also states that due to the amount of strain those servers have already been under, further testing will not be necessary. In other words, the influx of players that have been in the game recently is such that it wound up serving as an impromptu stress test without the need for a specific test event. That should say a lot about FFXIV‘s player surge lately.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Daras for the tip!

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IronSalamander8 .

I’m back and moved to Siren as friends were playing there and they were asking me to play again so I did the move as well as coming back. My home is Limsa Lominsa and even this morning before work, when I went to check on my retainer before leaving at 6:00 AM, the city was full of people. Not as many as at night of course, and no queue, but even during Wrath when they reset dailies nice and early so I could get some cooking quests in before leaving for work, I didn’t see that many in Dalaran. It’s crazy.


The craziest feeling is how during some of those off hours I’ll see lots of players, and as I move even more load in due to the way they render player characters and the cap on that…

And I realize that as busy as I’m seeing the area, I’m still not seeing exactly how busy as I can’t see everyone at the same time. It’s more consistent that it happens during peak hours, of course, but seeing that happen during what are traditionally the non-peak hours on my server has been neat.