Destiny 2 opens a public playtest of a new mode and continues turning the knobs for Trials of Osiris


Are you tired of hearing about the Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2? Well, too bad there slappy, because this week’s Bungie newsletter is once more about the Trials as the devs continue to fiddle about with the PvP format.

This past weekend saw the activity open up its first Lab — aka public playtest — that features a game type known as Capture Zone. This mode is similar to Elimination, except players can either win the match by killing the opposing team like normal or capturing a zone. This zone starts in the middle of the map on the first round, and then spawns at random places in successive rounds.

The Trials are continuing to get adjustments as well as the devs keep eyes on win/loss rates for solo players as well as make sure that queue times are low and the number of competitive games are high. Overall, most of these goals have been met in the Trials’ first two weeks, but adjustments are coming in week three like opening a Flawless pool for players that win five matches in a row to fight among themselves, ending special ammo being restocked when players are revived, and making Masterwork slots active for weapons received from the reputation rank reward track.

As a further reminder, the Trials will be going offline until Thursday, October 8th, to make way for the Iron Banner.


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Destiny PvP is so divisive, it should be a no brain winner, I mean the gun play in that game is arguably the best in class (certainly not many games give it a run for its money). The speed and pace of the game are a natural fit.

Yet, for ages it was plague by cheaters, a problem they have only just STARTED to address (and even then they went for what many consider a sub par solution) the Trials with their elite level reward structure were like a honey pot for these people. Which de-legitimised it as a competitive mode.

Then there was the previous pre-made teams only requirement, Destiny has a VERY large (and if you believe bungees stats, which I do) growing casual player base, they have copped on to this and started a matchmaking mode of trials and are looking at taking the “Elite” players out of the general pool.

The removal of Skill based matchmaking, this was pure pandering to the streamer crowd, and their PvP has never quite bounced back outside of this small pool of players, the vast majority of complaints around PvP (other than the previously mentioned cheaters) are the lack of SBMM these days .

And this is from a guy who plays the game mostly for the PvE with the odd dip into Iron Banner, Crucible or Gambit for quests.

They keep pushing PvE on PvP players and PvP on PvE players with the exotic and catalyst quests (which pretty much all just add up to Kill a 1000 mobs, kill 50-100 guardians and kill 50 champions in strikes or such) and wondering why the two player bases both complain about the other modes.

Its such a great game, but at times it feels like a great game inspite of the design, not because of it.