Black Desert’s Gyfin Rhasia Temple underground rework is live in today’s update


You know it’s a Wednesday when Black Desert’s PC version has released no less than 11 announcement posts on its front page. Chief among them is the patch itself, which in addition to adding class fixes, trade adjustments, and skill quality-of-life tweaks includes the planned rework of the Gyfin Rhasia Temple underground.

“Unlike the ground level of Gyfin where you need to form a party of 5 and move through each area, the underground level was reworked to be a solo monster zone. Following this change, the monsters in the temple have grown significantly stronger, so we recommend this monster zone for veteran Adventurers (Optimal AP: 300 / Optimal DP: 380). The fights will be focused around the gigantic Gyfin Rhasia Tower of Transfusion found in each of the rooms. There are petrified Ancient Weapons located near the towers, and the Gyfin Rhasia Decimators can be found roaming nearby. You can awaken the petrified Ancient Weapons (Flamen, Guard, Crusher) to fight them. Each of the Gyfin Rhasia have an “emotion” they hold. Defeating them will reward you with different buffs. The buffs give additional damage against monsters of the same emotion. This adds a layer of strategy to your rotation as you will need to take proper advantage of the buffs for efficiency.”

What’s in the other 10? Bugs, a solution to the item enhancement issue, the cash shop update, the lucky chocolates event, the sixth anniversary login rewards, new season challenges, the dark rift event, dude where’s my keys, an experience boost, a guild missions event, and deets on the conquest war. You won’t be running out of stuff to do, anyhow.

Source: Patch notes
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