NCSoft unveils new MMOs, a new battle royale, and new Blade and Soul game, plans Project TL release this year


NCSoft has apparently been extremely busy. A new announcement as well as a new teaser video from the publisher/developer showcases five new games that are in the works, ranging from action battle royales to MMORPGs to collectible RPGs.

The announcement offers quick looks at Project E, a cinematic-looking potential new MMORPG; Project R, a colorful melee-minded battle royale; and Project TL, the Lineage Eternal reboot that NCSoft announced in 2017. The trailer also granted a look at a cinematic action game called Project M and a cutesy single-player collectible RPG from the Blade and Soul IP called Blade and Soul S.

NCSoft confirms in the announcement that these games are being planned to arrive on PC, consoles, and mobile, with TL slated to make a global launch on PC and console in the second half of this year. Sneak peeks of all of these new games can be seen in the video below.

sources: NCSoft blog and Inven via Reddit
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