Elder Scrolls Online lists five ways you can get ready for High Isle’s dungeon DLC


Is it weird that I keep wanting to write “High Tide” instead of High Isle for Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming expansion? I have a feeling that’s not going to go away. In any case, while the chapter is still a few months off, the first piece of related DLC — a dungeon drop — is coming relatively soon.

Because of this, ZeniMax posted a list of five ways to prepare for Ascending Tide’s (see? Tide again!) instances. Surprisingly, none of these are “be breathing and know how to log into the game.”

Instead, super-ambitious players wanting to get extra credit can seek out key NPCs that will feature in the patch, join a guild, geat geared up, try it out on the test server, and (our favorite) “study the PTS patch notes.” Don’t just read them; STUDY them as if your life depended on it! Drop everything you’re doing and study, study, study!

…I’ll show myself out of this post.

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