Lost Ark’s recent Proving Grounds PvP video appears to show off a battle pass feature


With Lost Ark going in on its PvP gameplay by way of a PvP invitational esports event and its current Proving Grounds mode, it’s perhaps not a surprise that Amazon was eager to kick out a video discussing how Proving Grounds works. In doing so, however, it may have let a feature cat out of the bag: an upcoming battle pass.

This so-called Ark Pass, which is already a feature in the Korean version, has three pricing tiers: a free version, a premium pass, and a super premium pass, all of which offer varying amounts of goodies to get as one might expect. An image shared on the game’s forums, which features translations from the Korean Ark Pass, shows as many as 30 levels’ worth of rewards to rake in, while a post on Reddit from nine months ago as well as this most recent post offers additional context for the Korean Ark Pass’ content.

Readers will recall that the game’s two month roadmap didn’t hint at any such Ark Pass arriving to the western version of the game, but it is very likely just a matter of “when” and not “if” it will make its debut on our side of the globe. The video in question is below, the UI element for the Ark Pass can be seen at 1:04 and again at 3:03.

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