Ship of Heroes is running a player housing beta test in May – here’s how to play


Ship of Heroes brings glad tidings this fine Friday: The in-development superhero MMORPG is launching another beta period, this time focused entirely on its version of player housing.

“Our Player Housing Beta will take place from May 5th to May 8th 2022,” Heroic Games says. “This is our 8th feature Beta which has been open to the public. Beta testers will be able to create or reuse a character, roam Apotheosis City and create Player Housing. The event is free, and registration is open.”

To access the event, you just need to register; you don’t need to have actually donated or prepurchased the game. The studio is handing out in-game currency so you can “spend lavishly” on the house you make during the test.

“Our current player housing reflects its location in Apotheosis City: it is urban housing. Whether you want to create a fancy high-rise apartment with a killer view of the city, a place that feels like a log cabin in the woods, or something so unique that it defies all labels, you will find many options to choose from. As with the Character Creator Tool, you have a lot of freedom to customize. You choose your layout; it is not assigned to you, regardless of your level. There are currently eight basic layouts, from a tiny studio to a huge hall suitable for an entire guild, or for almost anything else you can imagine. Some layouts are flat, while others have multiple stories. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this will limit your creativity much: you can add walls anywhere you want to change the internal layout.”

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