Star Trek Online’s Stormfall brings two new featured episodes to PC players today


As promised, Star Trek Online’s Stormfall is blanketing MMO players today as the latest Mirror Universe release drops on PC. The update features a huge roster of famous Star Trek actors reprising their roles for a pair of new featured episodes (Blueshift and The Calling), a “complete remaster” of the Starfleet tutorial, the revamp of The Assault on Terok Nor as Forged in Fire, and the new Heart of the Storm event to boot.

“In Star Trek Online’s last update, Shadow’s Advance, players discovered they were on a mission to retrieve the one and only Ilia Decker from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Stormfall begins as Captains arrive at a secured facility to rescue Ilia and she warns them that the Terran Empire is on the verge of summoning a powerful nemesis from their collective past. To secure her freedom and stop Terran forces led by Captain Killy (voiced by Mary Wiseman from Star Trek: Discovery), Captains must team up with two of their former adversaries, Marshal Painway Janeway (voiced by Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek: Voyager) and Admiral Leeta, (voiced by Chase Masterson from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine). On their journey, they will also enlist the help of an Andorian rebel named “Rae-Yeet,” who is voiced by Noah Averbach-Katz.”

Console players, you’ll be waiting until June, but don’t worry; the PC folks will have any bugs ironed out by then!

Source: Press release
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