Final Fantasy XIV patches in some more PvP balance tweaks

Try and continue.

If you’re still not interested in PvP in Final Fantasy XIV despite the most recent patch’s changes, the newly released patch 6.11a for the game is not going to do a whole lot for you. It’ll still do something, as the patch has removed the 30-minute AFK logout timer from the game for the time being, but the majority of this patch is all about tweaking PvP actions for several jobs. Black Mages in particular have gotten a variety of boosts with faster casting, increased potency, and longer self-buffs (although slightly shorter sleep duration.)

Gunbreakers, Machinists, Summoners, and Bards are among the other jobs that have been improved in this particular patch, with a note that further balancing will take place when patch 6.15 arrives. It’s a small patch and doesn’t contain much content, but if you’ve been struggling your way through PvP matches on Gunbreaker or Black Mage, hopefully these changes will grant some much-needed improvement.

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