Final Fantasy XIV makes plan for opening home world transfers while banning RMT accounts


If you want to transfer your home world in Final Fantasy XIV right now… well, you can’t. This is not for no reason, either. Data Center Travel just opened, problems with that that had occurred, and the developers had specifically said they were putting a pause on home world transfer requests for a while until they had cleared up any and all issues there. The good news is that the fixes for travel seem to be holding and everything looks to be working correctly, so the plan is currently to turn on home world transfers again sometime next week, ceteris paribus.

The team is also still doing its regular sweeps of accounts associated with RMT and the like, with the usual reminder that it is against the terms of service. This time over 4,000 accounts were banned for association with RMT, not counting the accounts banned for botting specifically or serving as vendors. It might feel like a drop in the bucket, but it should make it clear that the developers are paying attention when you report someone for this behavior in the game.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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