Guild Wars 2 players have cleared 41M fractals in the last eight years according to infographic

Jade is health! Maybe.

While the crux of the 10 year anniversary for Guild Wars 2 is primarily being marked by a Steam launch and presents for players, ArenaNet has also assembled an infographic that shares some data from the MMORPG’s 10 years’ worth of updates.

The infographic offers up stats across some of the game’s bigger updates like the launch of its Living World in 2013, the Icebrood Saga, and its three different expansions to date. For example, since GW2’s release, Zhaitan has died 1.8 million times, over 41 million Fractals have been cleared since July 2014, and over 4.1 million elder dragons have been slain by players over the past decade. If you’d like some fun numbers-based trivia with your fancy cape, you can check the full infographic below the cut.

source: press release
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