World of Warcraft players freak out about what they thought was a spirit healer change


World of Warcraft players sent a weird and confusing message to Blizzard this week: You can change our classes, you can change our UI, you can change our Druid forms. But don’t you ever, ever, ever touch our spirit healers.

So what happened is that folks thought a glitch in the Dragonflight alpha  replaced some of the spirit healers — the semi-creepy angelic figures that you see upon your death — with newer Kyrian models. People freaked the heck out thinking that this is real, only to be told that they should simmer down. [Update: Actually, it turns out to have been a troll, as the Reddit thread now makes clear. The reactions, however, are all real. Thanks to our commenters for pointing out the thread had been updated!]

Still, it’s kind of entertaining to see the reactions of people really attached to bits of the world:

Then again, some defended the idea of a change:

Source: Reddit
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