Elder Scrolls Online compensates players for Tales of Tribute ranking bug as megaservers go offline


When Update 35 launched, competitive players of Elder Scrolls Online’s Tales of Tribute card game were met with an unfortunate bug that snarled up players’ rankings and forced the campaign to be taken offline. As a result of the matter, ZeniMax Online Studios has decided to offer some grants to affected players.

The awards in question will be in the form of gold instead of tribute tokens as well as transmutation crystals and will be commensurate to the rewards players would have gotten if the rankings didn’t get borked. Unfortunately, rank-specific furnishing trophies will not be part of the recompense package; players are instead encouraged to play the current season of ranked Tales of Tribute for those goodies. Otherwise, these current grants should be sitting in players’ currency stashes today.

Of course, it may be a bit of a wait, as the megaservers just went offline unexpectedly a few minutes ago.

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