Krafton has put Thunder Tier One into maintenance mode after less than a year


You guys remember Thunder Tier One, right? It’s a top-down tactical multiplayer shooter with a heavy emphasis on player modding along with single-player, co-op, campaign, and PvP modes. It launched at the tail end of 2021, and it actually got a lot of positive buzz from top-down tactical multiplayer shooter genre fans. It was a “passion project” from PUBG and former TERA powerhouse Krafton, so it’s going to keep on getting updates and… oh. Oh. It’s not.

A few weeks ago, Krafton dropped TTO’s 1.4 update, which was relatively minor. And in the patch notes, the team casually mentions that this is “the concluding update,” meaning content development is over and seeming to imply that players should’ve known.

“Thunder Tier One was always planned as a small, standalone title and we are happy with where the game is right now in terms of its development. As such, this will be the last content update for Thunder. We do hope you enjoy the new weapons, gear, and cosmetics we’ve added – as well as the much-anticipated camera manager modding ability. We would like to thank our community once again for all the love and support you showed us along the way! You’re the best! Thunder out!”

Needless to say, players didn’t know, especially folks who’d just dropped 20 bucks on Steam for it expecting more development. Consequently, Steam reviews have gone from from thousands of Mostly Positive since the December 2021 launch to a Mostly Negative recent haul just nine months later. “This game is abandonware, the devs released their last update and it almost feels like a scam, save your money, this game is not at all worth it, even on sale!” the top review now reads.

It does appear as if the game is solid and playable right now, and of course it’s moddable, but do bear all of this in mind if buying it is on your horizon.

Source: Press release, Steam
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