Lost Ark plans 16 hours of downtime for its merging servers tomorrow


At the top of September, Amazon announced that it would be merging some of Lost Ark’s servers and even began patching the infrastructure to make it all happen; a total of 32 servers were slated for merging across two waves.

Well, now that first wave is upon us as of tomorrow, and Amazon has briefed players on what to expect… and it’s basically a huge amount of downtime that’ll delay some players’ plans to play the new patch.

“At the start of downtime, all regions will begin maintenance at the same time. Regions that are not experiencing merges will have an estimated downtime of 4 hours to deploy the new update. Regions that are experiencing merges, however, will experience a downtime that is longer. We are currently estimating that the downtime for regions with merges estimated to take up to 16 hours. This is due to the sheer volume of information that needs to be moved from one server to another. Teams from Amazon will be working alongside Smilegate this entire time to assure that any possible issues that may arise will be addressed promptly. Each region will come online as it completes its update and merge. We will also have our team giving updates to the progress of the merges on our Official Forums. We know that this is a long time to wait to play new content, however we want to make sure that the process is handled correctly.”

Players are a bit miffed that the schedule means players on affected servers won’t be able to access the new content offered with tomorrow’s raid patch until a day after unaffected servers do. The good news is that if it goes well, players will be treated to a two-week login bonus track with everything from chests and selection pouches to fragments and pheon.

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