Guild Wars 2 maps out dates for upcoming events and patch releases for the rest of 2022


There are not many months left in the Year of This Weird Algorithm 2022, and it looks like Guild Wars 2 is ready to stuff in as much as it can as ArenaNet shared a content update plan for the fall and winter seasons.

In terms of gameplay and system updates, players can look forward to the next profession balance update tomorrow, October 4th, then check out the game’s sixth WvW world restructuring beta on Friday, October 14th. That WvW world restructuring, by the by, will also bring back the Call to War event and let players select a WvW-exclusive War Machine weapon skin for completing an beta participation achievement. Last but certainly not least, the profession adjustment patch is set to land on Tuesday, November 29th.

In-game events are also coming along for the ride of course, and there aren’t many surprises here but welcome confirmations regardless: Shadow of the Mad King comes back October 18th, and Wintersday returns on December 13th. ArenaNet will also hold an event in meatspace when it runs a 24-hour Game Day stream to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network on November 4th.

Finally, The Battle of Lion’s Arch will come back as a permanent fixture on Saturday, November 8th, free for all players, bringing with it a new strike mission known as Old Lion’s Court; a challenge mode of this strike mission will incidentally go live on November 29th.

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