Guild Wars 2’s latest balance patch tackles spec tradeoffs and defensive passives


As promised, Guild Wars 2’s latest balance update is live for players today, with tweaks for multiple specs and passive defensive traits.

“Many elite specializations have some mechanical weaknesses compared to the core profession, commonly referred to as the ‘tradeoff’ for the specialization’s new mechanics,” ArenaNet explains in the patch notes. “In some cases, these tradeoffs feel natural, like when a reaper loses access to Death Shroud and gains access to Reaper’s Shroud, but in other cases, these tradeoffs feel unnatural and can contribute to making a specialization feel less fluid to play. For this update, we’ve started to look at these unnatural tradeoffs and evaluate whether they’re still necessary for the balance of the game. In many cases, we’ve simply removed the tradeoff, with the expectation that these specializations can still be balanced in other ways.”

The patch also includes a new legendary variant skin collection, salvage fixes, and a slew of bug fixes. You can read the patch notes on the official site, and if you’re stuck at work, you can dip into the Reddit thread to complain about your favorite spec – everyone from Necros to Warriors seems mad about something.

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