Final Fantasy XIV confirms Patch 6.25 for October 18, Fan Festival’s return in July 2023


The Live Letter from Final Fantasy XIV was already planning to have lots of information about what’s next for adventurers in Eorzea, and it certainly delivered on some big drops, announcing the launch date of Patch 6.25 and confirming the return of Final Fantasy Fan Festival.

In terms of the next patch, that’s heading to the game in pretty short order: Tuesday, October 18th, to be exact. This update will introduce several features like more Hildibrand quests, the new Manderville weapons and their related enhancement quests, tribal quests for the Omicrons, and the introduction of Variant and Criteron Dungeons.

In addition, the live letter confirmed that North American data center expansions are scheduled for November 1st, that the next housing lottery will be on November 5th, and that a logical data center called Dynamis, which will feature four servers, is being set up in anticipation of servers being overrun when 7.0 launches.

While we’re talking about 7.0 – aka the game’s next expansion – that may be part of the reveals planned when Fan Festival returns next year. The event will be held in Las Vegas on July 28th, 2023; London on October 21st, 2023; and Japan sometime in early 2024. The announcement additionally confirmed that this will be a return to an in-person event, so as usual, we note that this year’s in-person gaming industry events led to major outbreaks, hospitalization, and even one death, so let’s hope next year will go better, and in all cases, caution is advised.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), Nova Crystallis
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