War Thunder celebrates a decade of operation with special vehicles, events, and sales

Hunder those warts. With helicopters.

Can you believe it’s been an entire decade since players were allowed to start hundering warts? Wait, sorry, that’s wrong; the game isn’t Wart Hunder, it’s War Thunder, but it has been operating for a decade now counting from the start of its open beta. The developers are proud to start celebrating the game’s birthday with a plethora of events, beginning with discounts on a variety of things and a free 10th Anniversary Decal just for clearing your first battle during the anniversary celebration.

But that’s hardly all; a 10-year mark deserves more to commemorate it, and that means the game has unlocked all 10 unique rare vehicles available across the game’s decade of operation. You can also unlock the Sturmtiger SPG, the legendary comically oversized Maus tank of German fame, and 10 tournaments for various game formats. That’s not even counting the variety of stuff that the game will happily sell you for a discount during the anniversary. Just get to work unlocking, as all of this is only available through November 7th, meaning you’ve got lots of warts to hunder through the next week.

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