Guild Wars 2 is about to kick off its Extra Life charity stream – and the patch with April!


Multiple MMO studios are preparing for a big weekend of raising charity funds for Extra Life today, but our eyes are on Guild Wars 2, which is doing something unique: It’s releasing an update themed around the event.

As we’ve previously covered, ArenaNet has created a new NPC based on a real Children’s Miracle Network “champion child” named April, right down to her cool jade-tech prosthetic leg. This sweet child’s character will be implemented in-game with some sort of storyline and quest, with dialogue voiced by none other than Jennifer Hale.

“April was born and raised just outside of Divinity’s Reach, in the small village of Garenhoff. She’s an ambitious and adept mesmer – and a serial meddler. We spent a lot of time working together with the real April and her parents to nail down aspects of her design, and we’re extremely proud of the result! April will be appearing in Guild Wars 2 as an important part of a special game update that will go live during our Extra Life 2022 Game Day event.”

We’re expecting “April’s little adventure” this afternoon along with the charity stream revealing just how it’s all going to work; the stream kicks off at 3 p.m. EDT, just as this post goes live – complete with Twitch Drops for those in the mood.

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