EVE Online’s Uprising update will try to fight high sec griefing and circumvention of abyssal space risk


While there are certainly some big spotlight items coming to EVE Online in its November 8th Uprising expansion, there are other updates planned for the internet spaceship sandbox, specifically in the case of player behaviors in high sec space.

Uprising plans to make some tweaks to tethering mechanics and abyssal space filament access in order to try and further stymie high sec griefing and avoidance of the risk inherent in accessing abyssal space respectively. To those points, the security level threshold for tethering in high sec is being raised, and abyssal filaments will no longer be useable in 1.0 or 0.9 space.

Other tweaks are being made to related features like stopping outlaw level players from being able to dock in high sec, preventing alpha clones from disabling safety in high sec, and limiting which abyssal tiers can be run without triggering a suspect flag by system security. Overall, shenaniganry in safe zones of New Eden could soon be a bit harder to pull off. Until players circumvent those restrictions, too.

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