RuneScape prepares for the holiday season, Old School RuneScape content creators battle for billions of gold


The holiday season looms large in RuneScape as the newest weekly update post happily points at its Christmas goodies. Specifically, players should be seeing decorations in-game and the MMORPG’s advent calendar login goodies are soon to make their return. Players can expect more information about December content and events in a follow-up dev blog tomorrow.

Of course, it’s not just about the holiday season in this week’s update, as the patch has applied what’s being called a “QoL mini strike” from the Ninja Team, which affects things like dragon weapon special attacks, strykeworms, the charge duration of god books, and more. The patch notes offer up all of the salient details.

Meanwhile, content creators for Old School RuneScape took part in the third season of the Gielinor Games, which saw them compete in weekly challenges and eliminations in the hopes of getting a grand prize worth billions in OSRS GP. If you care to see how it all shook down, the video waits below the break.

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