Final Fantasy XIV plans a new outfit for players on this year’s Valentione’s Day celebration

Love is in the something-or-other.

With all the work that the Final Fantasy XIV developers have been putting into making outfits no longer be gender-locked, it’s a bit odd that the upcoming outfit for Valentione’s Day is gender-locked once again. Seriously, this is making more work for later. Alas, there’s nothing to be done about this new outfit reward aside from potentially wishing it were already unlocked; we have gotten a number of outfits for this particular holiday over the years.

As for the event itself, it kicks off on February 1st and sees players once again teaming up with Lisette de Valentione for a love-oriented problem to be solved, same as in prior years. You’ve got a couple weeks until it goes live, but expect to be doing familiar quests and eating chocolate along the way as she sorts out some romantic troubles. You know how these events go by now, after all. There is a predictable cadence.

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