Camelot Unchained shows off scads of St’rm, notes new hires, and continues expanding Extraction



Hey friends, do you like playable lizard races? Then you’re going to get a cold-blooded kick out of Camelot Unchained’s recent newsletter, which focuses on the draconic St’rm race as it arrives to the developing MMORPG.

The newsletter is roughly two-thirds full of lizzers, showing off various armors and outfits unique to the St’rm and further breaking down the race’s stats, traits, and racial skills. It’s a storm of St’rm to stir the soul in other words. As for the final third of the newsletter, it talks about further updates to the Extraction event activity, including new NPCs and monsters that are being added.

Meanwhile, CU’s February report primarily focuses on the number of new hires being brought in to the game, which according to City State Entertainment is being made possible by the $15M injection of investment cash it picked up at the end of last year. “Our goals remain the same, grow the studio by 50% and hire enough talented team members to speed up the delivery of our games and continue to refine and improve the engine’s performance,” the post promises.

The rest of the report’s Top Ten-ish elaborates on work on the Hamadryad race, updates to the launcher and patcher, changes to stats and damage type systems, and a bunch of bug fixes. It is also full of St’rm in case you need more dragonfolk in your eyeballs.

MMORPG veterans will know that Camelot Unchained, which was originally Kickstarted in 2013, has taken flak over the years thanks to delays, the founding of a second studio, the announcement of a second game using CU’s custom-built engine, delayed refunds, and lack of accountability. The game entered its “beta one” phase back in 2018, with tests capable of putting 3000 humans and bots on the battlefield simultaneously. Though CSE said in 2021 it was still paying refunds and working on both games, some players still say their 2020 refunds haven’t processed, and Final Stand Ragnarok is unpopulated. As of 2023, CSE raised an additional $15M from investors and claims to be “hiring like crazy” but is still evading press inquiries.
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