Lost Ark details requirements and events to help players prep for April’s Brelshaza hard mode raid


The month of April is once more bringing another layer of top tier content to players of Lost Ark. At least it is to those of a certain item level tier, as explained in a detailed post shared on the game’s website, which provides some granular details on what to expect for the upcoming Brelshaza hard mode raid.

Specifically, players will need to be at least item level 1540 to even see gates one and two. The requirements ramp up every ten levels from there, to 1550 for the next two gates and 1560 needed for the final two gates. The post also warns that the raid will introduce new mechanics, while defeating the raid awards crafting materials needed to create ancient gear.

For those who haven’t been on LA’s multi-mile gear treadmill, April will introduce another series of progression events to push characters along the item levels as well as provides some instructions on what content to take on for new or returning players. The update will also add a Hanumatan guardian raid that will be detailed later, but for the time being it’s all about readying for Brelshaza hard.

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