Whatever happened to multiplayer sandbox Samutale?


When we first covered cutesy samurai-themed sandbox MMORPG Samutale on the pages of MassivelyOP, it was 2016, and it had already been in development for three years. But it fell off our radar in 2020. So what happened to it?

Well, development definitely slowed down – it wasn’t just us. Solo developer Royall posted a single blog post in 2021, admitting that while he was still working on a game update focused on bandit invasions, he couldn’t devote all his time to the project. Fortunately, that patch has arrived as of March.

“Bandit invasion introduces a new type of enemy to the game – bandits. These rogue NPCs will be found inside randomly spawned bandit camps that can be found all over the map. Players must band together, form alliances to defeat these camps and earn exclusive rewards. The update also introduces a new item enhancement system, allowing players to enhance their weapons and equipment using magical enhancement stones. With this new system, players can improve themselves for combat, but also speed up their resource gathering as a fully enhanced axe will cut down trees almost twice as fast. Additionally, the update introduces an offline sleepers system that will make players persistent meaning their character will remain in the game world ‘sleeping’ when they are offline. The update also includes lots of new craftables and recipes including a brand new food buff system that will temporarily enhance stats.”

So there you go – it’s still alive and still getting love.

Source: Official site, press release
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