Wayfinder shares updates to movement, combat, and UI while eyeing a late 2023 launch window

Sure, all right.

With Wayfinder moving closer to its planned closed beta test session on May 10th, you would assume that the multiplayer RPG’s next build would feature some adjustments to the game based on tester feedback. Luckily, your assumption is correct, as developer Airship Syndicate has outlined a host of tweaks made to some of the primary pillars of the game.

These changes include faster movement and jump dash speeds, the ability to move around town while queuing for a dungeon run, an overhaul to the camera system to better account for walls and enemies, and a new material codex UI element so players can track needed crafting materials. Speaking of UI elements, the closed beta will also feature clearer visual alerts to indicate when to block, when crits land, and a clearer end-of-mission screen. Finally, the post promises a host of optimization improvements that should see the game run at twice the speed on low and high-end PCs.

All of these details are being provided up-front ahead of its closed beta test, but one additional piece of its release puzzle appears to have appeared on the slick: a final release window for sometime late 2023 for consoles and PC. Barring any additional delays, of course.

source: official site (1, 2)
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