Elder Scrolls Online releases gameplay trailer teasing Necrom and Apocrypha


Elder Scrolls Online players have just one more weekend and only four more sleeps until Necrom launches – on PC and Mac, that is. ZeniMax Online Studios has conjured up yet another trailer to tease the launch, this one a two-minute gameplay run-through.

The camera swoops through the Necrom temples and gloomy, tentacle-beslurped plane of Apocrypha as a group of characters fight their way across both. There are a handful of external vistas of Necrom itself too, along with the expected smattering of Morrowind (and Mournhold!) architecture and flora setpieces that I surely cannot be the only person excited to see.

And just for fun, the narrator expresses skepticism over Hermaeus Mora’s choice of you, the player, to aid in the saving of the realm. Honestly, she’s probably right.¬†Watch the whole thing below!


Source: Press release. Besplurped is too a word.
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