Palia shares an hour of crafting, gathering, exploring, and multiplayer gameplay footage in livestream


Before you know it, the month of August will be here, which is when the beta testing rounds for Palia will be starting for PC players. Before then, the devs at Singularity 6 sat down for a gameplay preview livestream to show off some of the things players can expect.

The footage offers a look at much of Palia’s starting experience, from character creation to their first steps into the game’s world. Most of what’s on offer is tutorial gameplay, as the created character is directed to a nearby town, gets their housing plot, and goes through the process of crafting and placing furnishings. The stream also offers a quick rundown of how skill leveling works, talks up activities that can do around the world, previews house building and customization, and discusses NPC interactions and romance options.

The video then provides a look at multiplayer, as the devs note performing activities with friends provides bonuses and that all players get the same rewards so long as they’re participating in the same activity. Cooperation is a major part of Palia’s multiplayer, as some resources like certain types of trees will require players to team up to take down, or players can walk up to another person who is having trouble with the fishing minigame and give them encouragement to make the minigame easier.

The stream also grants a sneak peek at the all-cosmetics cash shop on offer. Pricing for these items was hidden by the stream’s layout, but the devs promise that nothing on the shop confers any sort of bonus or benefit beyond looking distinct.

Finally, the presentation closes with a look at the “adventure zone” of Bahari Bay. This kind of content is intended to encourage exploration and impart a grander sense of scale and lore, as well as grant players higher-end materials and opportunities to find hidden boxes and other secrets with others. Singularity 6 also promises to add new adventure zones and open new portions of existing ones. The full video can be watched after the cut.

source: YouTube
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