Old School RuneScape begins Deadman Apocalypse, RuneScape continues to tweak Necromancy


The apocalypse has come for Old School RuneScape, or at least a form of one couched within a game mode. The Deadman servers are now open as of this weekend, bringing with them the Deadman: Apocalypse mode that Jagex has been talking up earlier.

The announcement post drills down into a variety of specifics for the new mode, including its mechanics, limitations for accounts that play in permanent DMM, the variety of achievements that can be earned by players, and timing for the mode. The top of the post also has an updated list of issue fixes that Jagex has applied with the start of Deadman. As a reminder, worlds running Deadman: Apocalypse will close on September 15th, with the finale kicking off a day later.

Meanwhile, RuneScape continues to adjust its new Necromancy skill. The latest skill-specific dev blog outlines investigations into XP earning rates, ability effects, combat buffs, and a variety of situation-specific bugs. As for known issues awaiting a patch, those include another round of granular adjustments for achievements, currency use, skill cooldowns, and titles, among a host of other things.

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