Lord of the Rings Online readies a plus-sized pirate event for September with new stories and missions


Tuesday, September 19th is the International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a cheeky internet holiday that’s served as an inspiration for Lord of the Rings Online’s Tales of the Shipwrecked Mariners. While in past years this event has been pretty meager, SSG surprised the game’s players on Friday by announcing that it’ll be releasing an entirely new story coupled with 11 missions and a cosmetic reward when the Shipwrecked Mariners returns for this year’s run on September 14th through the 20th.

Continuing with the nautical theme, the new Mariner class is scheduled to hit the Bullroarer test server next Wednesday. And while trees have nothing to do with the ocean — apart from being fashioned into boats — the delayed Forester event was confirmed to be on track for a September 15th debut.

In other LOTRO news, the community is holding an in-game rendition of Disney’s Aladdin musical this weekend, and SSG posted a few new music tracks from last year’s Before the Shadow mini-expansion’s soundtrack. And as a reminder, from now through early October, LOTRO is giving free Hobbit gold presents every day to VIP players.

Source: Twitter, Reddit
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