The Daily Grind: Which MMOs could really use a PvP or PvE spectator mode?

Let us pray.

Earlier this summer, MOP reader Stormsong Minstrel accidentally reminded me of a mechanic from classic Guild Wars that I shouldn’t miss but do anyway. She was chatting about spectators in Istaria PvP arenas, and it gave me a huge pang of regret over Guild Wars 1’s spectator mode.

See, I didn’t belong to a massive guild or anything in GW1; it was mostly just a small group of us playing very casually on the side of our big games, and we did only light PvP there. But I had so much fun spectating high-end matches. I seem to recall it was on a delay, and you could follow people around to watch exactly where they went and which skills they used.

I know other MMOs have this feature too; Guild Wars 2 infamously introduced one a long while back too. But not enough! And I’d love to see it in PvE too. I don’t want to watch a curated stream; I want to be able to go somewhere in the game and hop around to viewpoints from the main tank to that mage standing in the fire!

Which MMOs could really use a PvP or PvE spectator mode? And would you use it?

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