Cozy sandbox My Time at Sandrock has launched – with online co-op multiplayer


If you’re a fan of cozy survival sandboxes of the Stardew Valley variety but prefer the graphics of Palia, you’re in luck, as this week My Time at Portia developer Pathea Games has officially released My Time at Sandrock out of early access and into the wilds of Steam launch. The “Wild West-inspired” multiplayer-optional RPG releases simultaneously for PC, the Switch, PS5, and both Xbox One and Xbox X|S, and unlike Portia, Sandrock includes built-in online co-op functionality for PC now (and console next summer).

“Save a town on the brink of collapse, restore it to its former glory, and reap an incredible sense of accomplishment,” the devs write. “In this captivating open-world adventure, players can customize their character, upgrade their workshop, explore the vast open world, and build strong relationships with the charming residents of Sandrock. […] Gather resources to create and expand your plot of land, create machines, grow crops, raise animals, and sell your goods to the highest bidder. Customize your character and workshop to reflect your unique style and preferences.”

“Join forces with up to four friends in an online multiplayer mode, collaborating to unleash your creativity, fight monsters, or simply enjoy the game together. The cooperative experience enhances the joy of every little moment in the game. Multiplayer mode is available on PC, and intended to land in summer 2024 on consoles, as a free update.”

Source: Steam, press release
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