EVE Online plans two expansions, Vanguard tests, returning events, and a 21st anniversary in 2024 roadmap


The content roadmaps continue to flow freely from our corner of gaming, as CCP Games has put out its full-year plan for EVE Online, which is headlined by two upcoming expansions, several upcoming events, and an overall emphasis on “conflict, identity, and community.”

The internet spaceship gankbox’s first expansion will land sometime this summer with the promise of new technology and features that will further let players carve out their space in nullsec and in turn drive the conflict for territory and resources. “Bold and lucrative opportunities will arise for established corporations and alliances, but also for small opportunists that can attack vulnerable areas to gain resources,” the studio vows. “One thing is certain, the value of owning and defending space is set to rise.”

On top of the territorial features that will be detailed later, the summer expansion is promising more tools to let players create their own ship skins as well as a way for them to share those skins with others, along with further expansion of Viridian’s corporation project features that will include creating tasks for non-members. As for the second expansion, all that’s known currently is that it will arrive in winter; more details are promised near the end of this year.

In-between these major expansions will be several familiar events like the Alliance Tournament, Crimson Harvest, and Winter Nexus, as well as the MMO’s 21st anniversary and the game’s earlier announced six months of testing for its Vanguard FPS module. The roadmap itself can be seen in summary in the image below.

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