CCP Games maps out six months of EVE Vanguard patches, feature updates, and testing


Did you miss out on the Vanguard FPS testing that was held in EVE Online? Worry not because CCP Games has a whole lot more testing coming down the pike over the first six months of 2024 for you to hop in to. Assuming you’re a subscriber, anyway.

The next playtest for Vanguard will kick off between January 25th and 29th alongside a minor patch that will bring bug fixes, installation improvements, balance adjustments, and two additional servers located in Seoul and Sao Paolo for Asia Pacific and South American players respectively. After that, tests will happen once a month all the way up to June, with additional patches each month that will bring things like mining, additional contracts, suppression generation, a new map, and a weapon modification system.

The dev blog summarizing the first playtest of Vanguard reported on the wealth of positive feedback Vanguard received in terms of its gameplay, UI, and combat, while also acknowledging issues with Easy Anti-Cheat, installation, and things like weapon recoil and footstep sound volume. CCP Games also noted that it needs to better communicate that Vanguard isn’t a complete experience and is still in development.

In addition to the new Vanguard plans, EVE put out some stats from the first test that shares trivia like number of turrets destroyed and the names of top players, while the most recent Pulse video news digest has bundled together some of 2023’s major events and updates.

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