ArenaNet opens up more job postings for Guild Wars 2 and its still-developing unannounced project


In a month where we saw multiple gaming and tech companies kick employees to the curb, we’re going to offer a puff of fresh oxygen thanks to ArenaNet, which is sharing some new job postings for Guild Wars 2 and its mysterious “unannounced project.”

Most of the job postings are for this project, including VFX artists, a lead character artist, and a senior production director. It’s that last job post that might perk a few ears, as it lists duties like creating a launch product for multiple platforms, managing an “effective release, hot-fix and patching cadence,” and creation of “long-term, large-scale project schedules,” though whether this means a new MMO or just another live service title is anyone’s guess.

Readers may recall that ArenaNet having several irons in the fire isn’t necessarily news, as it has hired for a UE4 title, a mobile title, a console title, and this other unannounced title a couple of different times. Obviously it’s unclear whether any of these projects are one and the same, but regardless we’ll take a hiring win right now.

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