EVE Vanguard resumes playtesting, EVE Echoes changes ship insurance costs


This weekend brings a couple of news pieces from the world of EVE Online, both in the PC and mobile versions of the game, with the former beginning its next leg of the Vanguard FPS testing and the latter adjusting the cost of insurance for internet spaceships.

EVE Echoes has decided to bring the cost of insurance down in general, with a discount of 30% for regular ships and 80% for capitals. This discount will fluctuate dynamically based on how many claims are made on a ship in a month, with the price increasing by 10% for multiple claims in a month up to a maximum of 100% and the price decreasing by 10% for every whole month without a claim, discounting the price down to 20% for normal ships and 50% for capital ships.

In addition, the expiration timer for claiming insurance has been increased, the 12-hour PvP claim lock now begins at the time of a ship’s destruction instead of when a claim is made, and ship valuation has been set to a fixed value.

Meanwhile in EVE Online, FPS-loving capsuleers can get their boots on the ground with another Vanguard test this weekend, from now until January 29th. This build of the test applies a number of gameplay fixes and hands out ship skins and PLEX for players who meet requirements like deploying in a squad of two or more or topping a completed contract leaderboard. Just as before, this test is locked to subscribers only.

The playtest is just one of the news items collected in EVE’s latest Pulse video news digest, along with information about the Anger Games PvP event and a nod to the sandbox’s 2024 roadmap. That video can be seen below.

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