Vindictus Defying Fate spinoff begins alpha testing limited multiplayer next week


Well, it’s not the Vindictus 2 you wanted, but it’s something: As we noted earlier this week, Nexon is barreling onward with Vindictus Defying Fate, its new ARPG based on the IP that spawned the original Vindictus MMO, one of the rare import MMORPGs that actually had legs. Until now, the build has focused on the single-player version of the game, but next week, Nexon will unleash a playtest that includes multiplayer – albeit a very small multiplayer.

“Nexon is pleased to show even more of Vindictus: Defying Fate, their upcoming fast-paced action RPG, to their buzzing community with a free, public pre-alpha playtest. The test will provide access to a build of the game still in a very early stage of development and feature a demo-level play of combat with two playable characters, Fiona and Lann, regions based on early-world concepts, emotes, and outfits for testing purposes. The public pre-alpha test will start on Wednesday, March 13, at 18:00 PDT, and will be available until Monday, March 18 at 01:00 PDT through Steam.”

Signups are through Steam; the latest trailer is down below.

Source: Press release, Steam
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