World of Warcraft adds videos and Q&A on the War Within, dynamic flight, and more


We hope you World of Warcraft fans brought a big appetite for The War Within this week because Blizzard doesn’t seem in the mood to shut up this week about this fall’s expansion as it sits on the cusp of beta testing.

Last night, we covered preorders for the physical collector’s edition and the Ion Hazzikostas video on Warbands, but there’s a lot more floating around. For example, the shortest video from this media blitz is an overview of how WoW is going to make “dynamic flight” faster and more robust.

Holly Longdale then did a 15-minute interview with MrGM.

And you can sate any remaining hunger with an extensive developer roundtable Q&A, helpfully compiled by WCCFTech. Part of it included discussion about hero talents, about which the devs said, “We see the Hero Talent system as an extension of our existing talent system. The goal here was, rather than just add another layer of talents, we wanted to do more fantasy. We wanted to make it a little bit more interesting, and we wanted to give players real choices.”

Source: YouTube, 2, 3, WCCFTech
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