Star Citizen allows third wave of testers to alpha 3.23’s PTU, talks about upcoming UI changes


Now that access to the PTU of Star Citizen is linked to overall account activity, players have been waiting for their turn in line to check out alpha 3.23. That enforced patience is being rewarded this week, as CIG has confirmed that Wave 3 backers can now get in.

The patch notes for the latest PTU build emphasize a focus on overall stability and even suggest that Wave 4 backers may be allowed in after a couple of hours of monitoring server performance. Updates otherwise include improvements to distribution centers visuals, a balance pass to the standalone salvage tool that seeks to improve usability, and the addition of several ships to in-game shops.

In other SC news, CIG is celebrating the already record-breaking attendance set for this year’s CitizenCon and its next weekly videos that talk up alpha 3.23’s features, while this past weekend’s Star Citizen Live Q&A video was all about 3.23’s UI updates. And Jared screwing around with scene transitions a lot.

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