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Lord of the Rings Online players wear yellow to honor a fallen friend

This past weekend you might have seen a particular hashtag pop up on Twitter, #YellowforTinki, and wondered what it meant. Apparently it was in honor of a Lord of the Rings Online player named Tinki (real name Ron) who passed away recently after his battle with cancer.

Tinki’s kinship, the Lonely Mountain Band, staged an in-game memorial on Sunday to remember this long-time player and friend. Those attending were encouraged to dye their outfits yellow in honor of him, and shared music and stories during the service.

“There is a reason that Tinki was so well known within the community,” attendee Braxwolf wrote, “even by folks who weren’t personally acquainted. His reputation consisted of always being extremely helpful to any in need. So much so that he actually stood out within a community that is known for such kindnesses. ”


The Stream Team: Trove turns one!

Over the weekend Trove turned one year old. You know what that means: Party time! MassivelyOP’s MJ is hopping back into the blocks to celebrate this milestone. There may not be a ton of part festivities in game, but that never stopped MJ from making her own. And there is plenty of adventure to be had! So join us at 7:00 p.m. and wish Trove a happy first birthday with us!

What: Trove
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 7:00 p.m. EDT on Monday, July 11th, 2016

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RuneScape reopens Port Sarim in time for a pirate invasion

Players who are rejoicing that RuneScape’s Port Sarim has gotten a rework might want to temper their excitement with the dread knowledge that the reopening will also coincide with a pirate invasion.

Indeed, Monday’s RuneScape patch will trigger an attack upon Port Sarim by the fierce pirate Jed, who has stolen a ship and is laying siege to the port’s jail. During the invasion, players can help fight back and train up to six different skills while doing so.

You can watch the full Port Sarim behind-the-scenes video as well as a look ahead at July’s development in RuneScape after the break.

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Neverwinter’s next module promises ‘giant’ fun

30Hear ye, hear ye: The next Neverwinter module has been declared to be Storm King’s Thunder! While we don’t have a date for the patch’s release, Cryptic did post an outline of the features that players can expect in the update.

The background to the new module is that a multitude of giants are threatening the land, and players will need to move fast to counter the threat. Storm King’s Thunder will include three new adventure zones (Bryn Shander, the Lonelywood, and Cold Run), a five-player dungeon called Fangbreaker Island, and a handful of class balance passes.

“With all of these adventure zones you’ll have new quests, new repeatables, new heroic encounters and new instances,” Cryptic said. “Each of these zones are for higher-level players, and though you can venture out solo, you might want to consider finding a few friends as these frost giants don’t mess around.”

Neverwinter is scheduled to release on the PlayStation 4 next week.

Source: Neverwinter


Gloria Victis has sold 30,000 copies in early access

The early access switch was flipped on for Gloria Victis a month ago, which has been a big transition for the team. It’s been a transition that’s brought plenty of work along with it, to boot; a retrospective after the first month notes that the game has had 10 regular patches and several smaller updates applied to help trim up issues, correct errors, balance systems, and otherwise keep the game accessible and fun for everyone.

“Thanks to this effort over 30,000 copies were sold within these 30 days – this income boost will allow us to expand the development team and therefore to work faster on implementing new features and polishing existing systems,” writes the studio. “We have also established our office – so far we have been working remotely – which allows us to increase our efficiency.”

Of course, they’re not going to stop there, and the retrospective also outlines the next major development goals such as replacing the current player models with something better animated and motion-captured (and allowing you to play as a lady). There’s also the implementation of sailing, naval combat, siege combat, housing, and dynamic events still to come. So if you’ve been enjoying your first month with the game, it’s only going to get better, and if you’ve found the first month a bit underwhelming… again, it’s going to get better.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Kinya.


Elite: Dangerous postpones CQC tournament in favor of PvP Icarus Cup

Frontier has canceled the Elite: Dangerous CQC tournament intended to run this year, at least as it was originally planned. Head of Community Zac Antonaci explained the situation just ahead of the weekend:

“In order to run the tournament we wanted to bring in a number of specific features which would allow us to run the event in the way we had planned. However, as you may remember the 2.1 update required a little longer in development as we focused on game improving features that went through the core game play experience and brought our largest Elite Dangerous update to date. What that means is that we won’t able to run the CQC tournament as we had initially conceived. We will be having a contest with a prize fund at a future date.”

Instead, Antonaci says, Frontier will host what it’s calling the Icarus Cup, an in-game PvP tournament, The Icarus Cup.

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Leaderboard: Are you preparing for WoW Legion?

Legion is coming.

Last week, Blizzard began pushing out the pre-patch for pre-launch events for World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion. That means Demon Hunters are really truly right around the corner, followed by the in-game lore events themselves.

While Reddit is devouring every scrap coming from the beta, the broader MMORPG community seems more ambivalent toward WoW than I remember from past expansions. I’m curious whether our readers are prepping for it or planning to pass. To the pollmobile!

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Warframe game director apologizes for the ‘mess’ created by its last update

Warframe’s Spectres of the Rail update on Friday hasn’t quite gone to plan. Redditors have taken Digital Extremes to task for pushing out a “clusterfuck” that’s riddled with a repetitive, confusing new player system, a broken market, and buggy gameplay that incentivizes weird behavior (as well as apparently causes motion sickness).

And the studio is owning the criticism. Game Director Steve Sinclair responded on Reddit with a strong apology.

“We should have held it back 100%,” he wrote. “Sometimes we have an immovable deadline (almost always a marketing promotion) and it twists up our priorities. It shouldn’t but it does. Our QA is not at fault and did their best given the unreasonable scope and time. Your rant is spot on and the only thing we can do now is make it right. Sorry for the mess. :(”

Source: Reddit. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!


Wisdom of Nym: The missteps of Final Fantasy XIV’s main scenario through Heavensward

There are going to be spoilers in this column. Let’s make this entirely clear. If you read this column without having finished up Final Fantasy XIV‘s main scenario up through patch 3.3, you may very well be spoiled. There will be few, if any, spoiler warnings or cuts within the text itself. Are we clear on that? Grand.

I’ve long been very fond of the stories told in FFXIV, and while 2.0’s overall main story left me a bit cold, Heavensward on a whole has been a massive improvement and has done a great job. The conclusion to the arc feels organic and fulfilling, filled with satisfying resolutions for characters and story arcs, endings that felt fitting if not always entirely positive. Not everyone got what they wanted, but everyone had an ending. It’s good.

Now, let’s talk about all of the ways that it was rather bad and could be improved in the future. (And remember, there will be spoilers.)

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There’s a Blade and Soul prequel in the works

Blade and Soul was one of the big western imports this year, but it’s about to get some competition of its own making. NCsoft just announced that it is developing a prequel called Blade and Soul: Hongmoon Rising for a future release.

So what do we know about Hongmoon Rising? The project is being co-developed by NCsoft and Tencent Games, and while it will initially release on PC and mobile, while a VR version is being considered as well. It also appears to be using many of the same systems as Blade and Soul, including its combat.

You can watch the mesmerizing debut trailer after the break!

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The Daily Grind: How would you design a Pokemon MMORPG?

It’s been a good week for the alternate reality game genre: Aside from Ingress, most of the ARGs on mobile are teeny-tiny, and even writing about Ingress is met with confusion from most gamers. Pokemon Go is putting the ARG on the map in a much bigger way (pun intended), especially when it flirts with mainstream media (although not necessarily for reasons Nintendo or the police or really anyone will be happy about).

Pokemon has never really been my thing, but all the hype has made me wonder how the IP might work in an MMORPG proper rather than an ARG. MMOs have long abused the “gotta catch ’em all” spirit when it comes to everything from gear to achievements — never mind minipet collection and battle — so it should be a natural fit, right?

Apparently so, because a quick trip to Google shows there are literally dozens of fan-made Pokemon MMOs already online. I don’t think any of them is officially sanctioned, and some of them are of dubious quality, but clearly there’s excessive demand for this. So Pokemon masters, you tell me: How would you design a Pokemon MMORPG? How would it work, and what would it need to have to be true to the IP and the genre — other than, you know, a legal license? Or is the ARG the more natural genre?

(Thanks to BalsBigBrother, Nordavind, and Kanbe for the tips!)

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MMO Week in Review: Lament for Turbine (July 10, 2016)

Were you too busy gaming this week to pay attention to MMO news? Get caught up every Sunday evening with Massively Overpowered’s Week in Review!

The Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities befell Turbine and its MMORPGs this week: The layoff monster struck hard. Though Warner Bros. told us Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons would “continue to operate as they do now” as the studio transitions to a mobile one, the company has yet to clarify just what that will mean for both games as well as the Asheron’s Call franchise.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

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EVE Evolved: What went wrong with the Shadow of the Serpent event?

Last week’s EVE Online patch added the massive Shadow of the Serpent event, a game-wide storyline arc that pits players against the Serpentis and Angel Cartel pirate factions. The pirate factions of EVE are engaged in a dangerous arms race as each attempts to design and build its own custom capital ships, and player capsuleers are caught in the middle of it. A new in-game service from The Scope news corporation shows players a variety of different challenges associated with the event, from destroying Angel and Serpentis outposts and looting Angel shipyards to clearing NPC guards from stargates or even just mining ore inside a pirate site.

As with previous PvE events such as the Crimson Harvest and Operation Frostline, event sites are spawning all throughout the game and appear on everyone’s overview. Rather than the sites themselves dropping rare loot, the challenges awards points and three special reward containers are unlocked once you hit the 10,000, 25,000, and 50,000 point marks. The idea was to have a game-wide inclusive event that would encourage players to co-operate to complete sites, and in that sense it has been a success. Unfortunately, the event has been hampered by a lack of direct rewards, and its long grind has been condemned by players.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at what went wrong with the Shadow of the Serpent event, how CCP can avoid the same fate for future events, and what can be learned from Guild Wars 2‘s similar approach to group PvE.

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