Guild Wars 2 takes fans through the design process of the Assault on the Frost Citadel meta-event


With the next episode of Guild Wars 2 mere days away, a couple of devs at ArenaNet — senior designer Bryan Yarrow and designer Nick Hernandez specifically — are looking to stir up a bit more interest and hype for the update by writing about the Assault on the Frost Citadel meta-event, which is the centerpiece of the whole episode.

According to the dev blog, the new meta-event is meant to draw from previous episode mechanics like No Quarter’s push-and-pull, though there are some promised new mechanics with this event as well. Players can expect a lot of tasks to perform during this event such as capturing areas, building long-distance siege weapon, and bashing on a door, along with plans changing on the fly mid-assault. Once said door is knocked down, however, players should feel like they’re in a full instance instead of a WvW-style keep, with the Frost Citadel hopefully having a bit more character and personality.

That all said, laying siege to the Frost Citadel isn’t even the final objective, as a Claw of Jormag menaces the skies overhead and arrives for the player to fight. This fight is in two parts, with the first requiring players to keep cannons repaired as they open fire on the Claw, and then a second part where players must engage with the Claw directly.

While the dev blog is pretty comprehensive, it also promises that not all of the mechanics of the meta-event are detailed. Still, a little advanced knowledge never hurts, right?

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