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MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, our core focus here on Massively OP. MMORPGs are traditionally differentiated from mere multiplayer games by their persistent worlds, massive playerbases and/or servers, customizable character development, and always-online status. [Follow the MMORPG category’s RSS feed]

Blade & Soul releases mobile card battler

Can’t get enough of a Blade & Soul fix lately? Why not add a mobile app to your gaming diet, then?

Yes indeed: There is now a Blade & Soul mobile game. It’s not an MMO, however, but a card battler set in the Blade & Soul universe. The game features cute animated characters, short cutscenes, and animated card battles against a computer opponent. While the game is only out right now in Korean, it can be downloaded by anyone for Android. An iOS version is in the works as well.

You can check out a preview of the mobile game after the break!

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Darkfall: New Dawn shows first in-game footage

Darkfall: New Dawn, the fan-made and authorized reboot of the PvP MMO, has popped up with another progress report along with its first video showing in-game footage from the test server. The devs said that their old school PvP skills are rusty and that they need a lot of practice so that they’re not embarrassing themselves further in these videos.

“The good news is that on the server side, we are making headway and the InDev server should be up soon for us to test internally,” the team reported. “The bad news is that we are worried about the client’s stability.”

New Dawn is but one of two current Darkfall reboots in the works, the other one being Rise of Agon. You can check out the in-game footage teaser of the former after the jump!

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Skyforge’s March 16 Dark Omen patch offers new missions and guild merges

Skyforge announced today that its next big update, Dark Omen, lands on March 16th. Among other systems and tweaks, the patch promises a major overhaul to operations (they’ll be shorter and elite players can skip tiers) and a content boost in the form of new mechanoid invasion missions in the elder god questline. Invasion symbols are also getting and overhauled interface, shown above.

Intriguingly, is also promising what it’s calling a “Pantheon Fusion Tool” that’ll help guilds merge together:

“Any Pantheon, small or large, seeking to merge themselves with another Pantheon will now be able to accomplish such a feat! This new tool will allow two Pantheons to combine, transferring both their members and resources, into a singular community. Join forces and battle Aelion’s threats together!”

Anyone think of other MMOs that offer a utility like that for guilds?


EVE Online’s Project Discovery makes scientists out of capsuleers

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of playing gems or trolling general chat during your MMORPG downtime, you could be contributing to real-world science? And wouldn’t it be even better if MMO devs collaborated directly with scientists to make that all happen? That’s exactly what CCP is up to in EVE Online with its Project Discovery.

If you ever donated time to Galaxy Zoo, you’ll understand how this works: You play an ostensible minigame inside of EVE, hunting for patterns (or the lack thereof) in sets of images presented to you by the game. Of course, in this case the images are of human cells, and players are actually crowdsourcing some of the more mundane bits of science research for the Human Protein Atlas project — in exchange for a nifty EVE plotline and in-game rewards.

This week, CCP released two videos on the project — one an overview, one an in-character announcement — and both are below.

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Giveaway: Trinium Wars Steam keys and cash-shop currency [Second wave gone now!]

Trinium Wars, confirmed by the devs as being a modernized and further developed version of L.A.W, debuted on Steam last week in early access. How would you like to check it out for free?

InselGames and Hanmaru Soft have granted Massively OP another 500 keys that will unlock the game, 5000 cash currency, and a gas mask for the character. Please note that if you claimed a key in this giveaway last week, you won’t be able to take a new one. Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take home one of these keys!

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Crowfall is tweaking healing, dizzy states, and multiple archetypes

Hopefully you weren’t unduly attached to the number-crunched specifics of any of Crowfall’s planned archetypes because the in-development MMO is contemplating some minor changes.

In the wake of the Ranger’s development and new tech, Design Lead Thomas “Blixtev” Blair says, ArtCraft is headed back to other systems and archetypes for a balancing pass, something he says we can continue to expect as the Siege Perilous ruleset is tested.

For example, ArtCraft is implementing a “dizzy” state, adding base health and damage modifiers, tweaking heal scaling, adjusting Champion damage powers, and working on Ranger bow damage. The Legionnaire is shifting around a bit too:

“The Legionnaire had a bit of work done on his basic combo chain. We looked at the play metrics and found that virtually no Legionnaires were using the 4th and 5th portion of the chain. So, we cut them and pushed down the power of the Command Buff into the Discipline Buff in the 3rd attack. We also added an instant group heal component to the 3rd attack. This should make the Legionnaire feel a bit more “heal-y”, as most Legionnaires do tend to make it to the 3rd attack. We are also pumping up the FX on the basic heals so you can tell what is going on. (Many folks don’t realize that the 3rd attack has a proc that it puts on teammates that heals mana/health when they attack!)”

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Desert Nomad: How to win friends and influence NPCs in Black Desert

Welcome back, fellow Desert Nomads. I don’t know about y’all, but since last week’s column (and the official launch of Black Desert), I’ve spent almost every last iota of my spare time immersing myself in the game and exploring its many labyrinthine pathways into which time seems to vanish without notice. There’s no denying that Black Desert is a complex (and sometimes obtuse) game, and there are many systems that could use some explication. None of them, however, has caused the same degree of befuddlement that I’ve seen wrought by the Amity system, which allows players to make friends with the game’s many NPCs for fun and profit. This week, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to try and demystify some of the system’s more arcane mechanics, which is as much for my benefit as anyone else’s.

But before we begin, here’s a shameless plug: I’m happy to announce that our official Black Desert guild, which I’ve creatively named Massively_OP, is now up-and-running on the Orwen server, and the proverbial gates are wide open for any and all who wish to join us. If you’d like to join, you can add me in-game (my family name is “Eloquin”), poke me on Twitter (@Matt_DanielMVOP), or join the guild’s Discord channel using this link, which will hopefully work. Now then, enough appetizers; let’s move on with the main course.

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ArcheAge is seriously cracking down on cheaters

Heads up, ArcheAge cheaters: Your days are numbered.

“For the past months, our team has been hard at work at creating better methods to accurately and quickly detect players who have been playing unfairly,” Trion Community Manager Celestrata told forumgoers yesterday. “This new detection has already been enabled for a few weeks, and we’ve done this without adding any new or invasive security software to your play experience. […] Our first wave of bans on botters, gold farmers, and other types of suspicious accounts is now complete. You should all notice many less automated accounts in your travels.”

Celestrata says that “generally solid community members” have also been tracked using cheat programs and basically gives them their very last warning.

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SWTOR Chapter 11: Disavowed is here, and Aric Jorgan has returned

Players’ companion rosters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be getting one stronger tomorrow, as Trooper companion Aric Jorgan joins the alliance for Chapter 11: Disavowed. Apparently you can tag along as Jorgan and his friends go on an infiltration behind enemy lines. Of course, if the Zakuul Empire has taken over the galaxy, isn’t everywhere technically behind enemy lines?

Semantics aside, the patch notes are up for this major monthly update. Subscribers as of March 1st are already welcome to try out the patch, while anyone who subbed after that date will need to wait until tomorrow for the new story.

The patch also reactivates both the Relics of the Gree and Bounty Contract Week events. It’s truly great to hear that Jenny Craig has expanded into a galaxy far, far away: “Blizz went on a crash diet and lost all of his Life Day weight, and is now at his correct size.”


Dungeons and Dragons Online moves to a new datacenter

Dungeons and Dragons Online has a new hardware home, as Turbine migrated the game’s info to a new data center.

The transition took place yesterday, March 8th, and required the game to be offline for a chunk of the day. It looks as though the move went well and without any major hiccups, as the devs welcomed players back: “The DDO game worlds are now open! Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you in the game!”

Source: Twitter, official forums. Thanks to TJ and DDO Central for the tip!


The Repopulation looks to its existing testers to fill out Fragmented’s test pool

It’s been a rocky few months, but The Repopulation is getting back on track with development of the main game and its interim survival spin-off, Fragmented. And the developers behind the game want you to test it. Assuming that you were a backer who was testing the main game before the Hero Engine mess, that is.

Beta registration is currently open for everyone who has pledged money to The Repopulation or purchased a copy of the game via Steam while also registering said copy on the game’s site. If you do own a Steam copy and haven’t registered yet, you can still do that now. This is just a signup, so you don’t have a certain slot just yet as the team is slowly adding people to the testing phase, but you can be at least reasonably certain that you will be added if you’d like to test the spinoff.

Source: Official Site; thanks to HolyAvengerOne for the tip!


Camelot Unchained plans livestreaming through its crunch week

The City State Entertainment offices currently have a clock that has only one time listed on it, and that time is “crunch.” The programmers and developers are still knee-deep in the process of getting Camelot Unchained‘s beta ready for play. But that doesn’t mean that there’s no time to entertain the fans, and to that end the developers have assembled an involved livestreaming schedule for the remainder of the week.

All of the streams will be on the Camelot Unchained Twitch channel and will include live Q&A sessions, chatting with the developers wrangling the current builds of the game, and examining the character modeling. It’s going to be an involved week of content, so if you’re interested in seeing how the studio looks when it’s in the middle of a hard crunch, you can check that out this week.


Star Citizen puts two ships from concept sales back up for sale

Did you not have the money to drop on internet spaceships when Star Citizen opened up concept sales for the Aegis Sabre or the Xi’An Scout ship? Do you have the money to drop on them now? Because you’ve got a second chance to pick the ships up now; both of them are on sale again through March 14th if you’d like to drop the cash.

The Aegis Sabre is $170 and is currently usable in the testing modules of the game, while the Xi’An Scout is $150 and can be toured in the hangar only at the moment. Sure, that might sound pricey, but consider that buying a real-life spaceship will cost you a fair bit more than $150. And that’s even without slapping laser cannons on it. These sales are only going to last for a limited time, though, so if you’re going to spend a couple hundred bucks on them, you’d best do it soon.


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