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Games in our Multiplayer category are multiplayer online games that share some but not all mechanics in common with traditional MMORPGs. Generally, their “massive” nature is contested. They frequently include OARPGs, online shooters, online strategy games, mobile MMOs, and other pseudo-MMOs that optionally provide single-player, offline, or custom-server support. We formerly categorized Multiplayer titles as “Not So Massively” games. You may also be interested in our MOBA category for PvP-centric arena battlers. [Follow the Multiplayer Online Games category’s RSS feed]

ARK starts its Survivor League, revamps cave visuals

With ARK’s new free PvP mode, Survival of the Fittest, available to all, you have nothing holding you back from trying out the game. In fact, there’s even incentive for you to do so because, because today the first round of the game’s Survivor League has begun.

Survivor League is a monthly PvP ladder that will end up ranking the 40 best players in the entire game. Those players will each get a cut of a $64,800 cash pool, including a first place prize in four categories for a whopping $3,500. The studio strongly cautioned players against trying to cheat their way to the top, saying that this will result in a quick disqualification.

The devs also reported on another project they’ve been tackling, which is to give ARK’s cave system another pass to bring out the oohs and ahhs from spelunkers. This month’s digest wrapped up with a set of community Q&A which tackled titanosaur poop, hot air balloons, telescopes, and other serious topics.


The Division’s Incursion update launches April 12 [Updated]

Update: A recap of the stream follows after the cut.

This afternoon, Ubisoft will stream the first look at its next free update, Incursions, due out in April.


Incursions are essentially challenging 4-man endgame PvE content, so if the PvP-oriented nature of last week’s patch didn’t do anything for you, maybe this PvE-centric update will.

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University of California offers League of Legends scholarships

We’re all used to the idea of universities and colleges offering sports scholarships, but did you know that several already offer e-sports scholarships? Columbia College in Missouri, Robert Morris University in Illinois, The University of Pikeville in Kentucky, Maryville University in Missouri, and Southwestern College in Kansas all offer grants or scholarships for e-sports, and the list is growing rapidly.

The University of California, Irvine has now joined the club with the announcement that it will soon begin offering a four-year League of Legends scholarship later this year for 10 students. The scholarship comes as part of a larger deal with Riot Games, who will also be opening a gaming cafe on campus in an effort to replicate the success of similar establishments in South Korea.

In a statement given to Polygon today, UC Irvine’s newly appointed e-sports director Mark Deppe revealed that 72% of the university’s students identify as gamers. “If we are the number one school for gamers, we’re going to be attracting a lot of people,” Deppe explained. “We want to be a first-choice school, and I think if we’re the best gaming and esports school out there, then we can attract a lot of fantastic students.”

Source: Polygon


MMOTBS Pox Nora launches Spirits Beyond, its 28th expansion

Born in 2006, online tactical turn-based strategy game (wheeee) Pox Nora is today releasing its 28th expansion, called Spirits Beyond.

“Spirits Beyond adds 51 all new Runes, along with over 20 new abilities and mechanics to the game. The ongoing story arc of Pox Nora sheds light upon the mysterious ruins of a once forgotten city and its history. These revelations along with the incursion of the spirit elemental, known as the Arroyo, makes this one of the most surprising and epic times in the lands of Poxanthuru. The big new addition in Spirits Beyond is the long awaited Hand of Death campaign. This challenging 5 mission story arc follows a band of Protectorate heros as they discover and ultimately face one of Pox Nora’s most powerful antagonists. This campaign reveals some of the larger events that have occurred in Pox Nora over the past expansions. The Hand of Death campaign is available for both paid and free-to-play currencies on the Pox Nora Marketplace. Completing this brand new campaign on Legendary will award the Glimpse of Death limited edition rune! This is the only way for player to acquire this one of a kind rune.”

You might recall Pox Nora from its days under SOE’s banner, but the game is alive and well post-SOE in the hands of Desert Owl Games. The expansion video is below!

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Tribes: Ascend’s 1.3 patch introduces Hellfire map, decommissions Blueshift map

Tribes: Ascend hasn’t been resting on its laurels since its December 2015 revivification: This morning, Hi-Rez patched in the 1.3 update. The big news is the addition of the new CTF/Blitz Hellfire map, which Hi-Rez described on Reddit:

“It has an angled creativity walls ala Icecoaster (I don’t like the square ones). Flag stands are roughly standard distance (40-45k units). They’re more open than usual with 3 base turrets to compensate. This allows for diagonal routes through small gaps between support columns, a whole lot of possibilities. Generator is down in a base accessible by a chute as well as a new level mechanic we haven’t done yet. Single room base, so you’re not navigating through Dante’s Inferno to get a generator. […] It’s the exact same size as Icecoaster and a lot of other maps (512×512 terrains).”

The patch also addresses votekicking issues (again), balances weapons and vehicles, adjusts ammo pickups, and yoinks the oft-maligned Blueshift map from the rotation. “Blueshift has been removed from map rotations by community request,” writes Hi-Rez. “This map will still be available to play on custom servers.”

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Sub-based survival MMORPG The Skies hits Steam early access next week

Survival MMORPG The Skies is launching what developer Eforb is calling closed Steam early access next week on April 8th, with an open early access alpha to follow on the 16th and beta chasing “soon after.” Launch is anticipated for “later this year.” Players who buy in before May 15th will pick up a $15 lifetime membership; after launch, the game’s premium version will run $10 a month.

“During the first month of Steam Early Access April 16th to May 15th, players will be offered a unique lifetime membership in The Skies via the Lifetime Premium Package, priced at $15. This limited offer enables players who upgrade to a Premium Account during the launch to retain this privilege without any further need for a subscription. After the end of the launch period, Premium Accounts will revert to a monthly subscription-based model priced at $10.”

The Skies is a mix of FPS and RPG adapted to a multiplayer game in a big post-apocalyptic world,” says American-Ukrainian indie studio Eforb. “Features include a unique role system, and economy that entirely depends on players, non-linear dialogues and quests, clan wars, PVP/TVT combats, and much, much more.”

Is it really an MMORPG? Eforb argues yes — with a twist.

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Blizzard alters Overwatch’s Tracer’s sexualized victory pose following player objections

Call it “The Great Butt Controversy of 2016.”

If you didn’t see it pop up all over the internet last night, here’s the deal: There was some hubbub around a specific Overwatch character pose that some found out-of-character and sexualized, so Blizzard announced that it would be changing it around. The result? Some players claim it’s pandering to an oversensitive crowd, while others applaud the studio for being willing to make adjustments.

The pose in question was one of the character Tracer looking over her shoulder and accentuating her backside. In a thread on the official forums, one poster mentioned concerns that this pose turned a “fast, silly, and kind” character into a “bland female sex symbol.”

After some discussion, Game Director Jeff Kaplan announced on the forums that the pose would be changed, saying that the art team had been struggling with it and wasn’t completely happy with the pose either.

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Diablo III begins testing season 6

Have you finished all of your Diablo III season 5 goals and achievements yet? You best get a move on it, little doggy, because season 6 is on its way.

Blizzard began testing season 6 this past week, encouraging fans to check out the new content. While the studio has yet to announce the end date for season 5, the three-month limit means that the season will probably conclude around April 15th. Players will be able to carry their characters over with the new seasonal journey, although each character’s progress will be reset.

Speaking of Diablo III, the game also just celebrated its two-year anniversary of its sole expansion, Reaper of Souls. “The Reaper of Souls expansion overhauled the Diablo III experience,” Blizzard said, “and we couldn’t have come this far without our passionate and amazing community. Thank you for not only your support, but your feedback throughout these two short years.”



Paladins video teases illusionist Ying: The Blossom

Looks can be deceiving for Paladins newest champion, Ying: The Blossom. While we don’t know much yet about the specific skills this veiled, raven-haired beauty will employ when she joins the game come closed beta test #20, we do know she will use illusions of herself to distract and confuse her enemies. Catch a glimpse of her moves in the teaser video below. Or for a crisper view, watch the clip directly from the tweet.

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Atlas Reactor’s open alpha kicks off on March 31

Trion announced today that the open alpha for its turn-based sci-fi PvP action game Atlas Reactor will begin later this week.

“Everyone’s invited to play in our Open Alpha! Servers open on March 31 at 2PM PDT. It’s our last Alpha event before Closed Beta, so join us, come play some games, and preview some of the changes coming to Beta. In this Open Alpha Event, you’ll be able to see some of the improvements we’ve made to Decision Mode and Resolution Mode clarity, as well as a bunch of balance changes – all based on feedback we got from our awesome community of Alpha testers.”

Massively OP’s Larry Everett scoped out the game back in February, calling it an “interesting concept definitely worth a second look.” We’ve got the latest trailer below!

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EVE Valkyrie launches today alongside the Oculus Rift

CCP’s VR shooter EVE: Valkyrie opens its doors today alongside the formal launch of the Oculus Rift platform and 29 other titles.

“We intend to be very open about what our feature roadmap looks like and we want your feedback on its content and priority,” writes Executive Producer Owen “CCP Digger” O’Brien in his launch address today. “This is the beginning of a journey. Welcome to the next life.”

We’ve included the launch trailer and gorgeous screenshots below.

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The Stream Team: Bringing down ARK’s Broodmother

So far, ARK: Survival Evolved has very few mega boss mobs. That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of opportunity for death, but just that the ultimate raid experience is currently restricted to one eight-legged behemouth: the Broodmother. And MassivelyOP’s MJ and the crew are going to face her again — but this time they are bringing machine guns turrets instead of just bows. Join us live at 12:00 p.m. to see if the gang succeeds in bringing the beast down.

What: ARK: Survival Evolved
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 12:00 p.m. EDT on Saturday, March 26th, 2016

Enjoy the show!

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The Stream Team: Every bunny loves HEX

MassivelyOP’s MJ has been trying out a new race and faction in HEX: Shards of Fate, but she keeps coming back to her brood of bunnies. The Shin’hair is still by far her favorite, and she’s eager to dog-, er bunny-pile more enemies into oblivion. Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. to see how long her current winning streak survives.

What: HEX: Shards of Fate
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, March 25th, 2016

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