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RIFT paves the way to the Planetouched Wilds

RIFT’s world is getting a little bigger with its upcoming patch 3.4. Trion Worlds posted a preview recently of the game’s newest zone: Planetouched Wilds.

The zone’s preview paints a picture of a savage and untamed land that’s as pretty as it is harsh and bizarre. Canyons and plains are the primary biome, although the real attractions are built landmarks. These include a ziggurat shrine, a criminal town, sky fisheries, and the “kite city” capital of Shal Korva.

The Planetouched Wilds is also the home to the game’s newest calling, the Primalist. The Primalist will initially release with six souls from which to mix-and-match and utilizes a meter to swing between fury and cunning for its skills.

Source: RIFT


You can tame pets in Bless, but they won’t fight for you

Bless appears to have a pretty cool creature companion system, assuming that you enjoy catching most of a title’s monsters and then domesticating them for use as pets and mounts. Steparu has published a video of his pet-taming exploits in Bless‘ Korean beta test, though sadly there appears to be no pet combat functionality at present.

Steparu’s latest gameplay preview also features a look at RvR PvP and it goes into more detail on the skill system that was mentioned previously.

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The H1Z1 Invitational’s prize purse is $173,320

Did you know that the total prize pool for the H1Z1 Invitational is $173,320? I didn’t either, but then again, I didn’t even know that there was an H1Z1 Invitational prior to five minutes ago. And what’s with the odd dollar amount? Well, the prize money was generated by cash shop sales, which is why the first place winner will wind up with something funky like $19,932 instead of a nice round $20,000.

The main event happens at TwitchCon on Saturday, September 26 at 1:30 p.m. EDT. If you’re not heading to TwitchCon but still want to watch other people play video games, you can do so via H1Z1’s Twitch channel.

Source: Announcement; thanks Kinya!


Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns has a full TwitchCon schedule

TwitchCon 2015 is cranking up this Friday and Saturday in San Francisco, and you’d better believe that Guild Wars 2 will be there in full force.

ArenaNet posted its plans today about how it’s going to show off Heart of Thorns at the studio’s booth (#827), on TwitchCon’s main stage, in panels, and through livestream programming. Fans are encouraged to swing by the booth to meet the developers and try out the expansion demo, while those who can’t make it have the option to watch remotely.

The main stage presentation will be on Friday at 6:00 p.m. EDT during which Guild Wars 2 will debut Heart of Thorns’ launch trailer to the world.

Source: Guild Wars 2


World of Warships readies Soviet tech tree

The Soviet armada will debut in World of Warships on October 19th. Wargaming is adding a full destroyer line, including Izyaslav, Gnevny, and Tashken, otherwise known as the “blue cruiser.”

Soviet ships boast great accuracy, which Wargaming says will enable them to hit fast targets across long distances with ease. The new destroyers also feature “extremely high speeds, strong anti-aircraft armaments, and rapid turret rotation at higher tiers,” according to a company press release.

Alongside the Soviet line, Wargaming will also add German cruisers next month.

Source: Wargaming press release


Crowfall heads back to development and preps for November pre-alpha test

Once the current Milestone 1.0 test concludes at the end of this month, Crowfall will return to full development mode as ArtCraft prepares the next round of the pre-alpha.

“After four weeks, we will have enough data to know what is working, and what we need to fix,” ArtCraft said. “The fastest way to fix it — and move forward towards launch — is to let the team concentrate 100% on development.”

The Milestone 1.1 pre-alpha is slated for November and will expand the testing pool slightly while adding in the “skull-crusher” Champion archetype. Following that test will come Milestone 2.0 with a larger team focus and the stealthy Ranger archetype.

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Chronicles of Elyria dev blog: Aging, offline leveling, and the business model

Announced earlier this year, Chronicles of Elyria is a startup sandbox in a sea of such sandboxes, but some of its features are rare even within the MMORPG genre.

Massively OP will be hosting a series of exclusive dev diaries from the CoE team over the next few weeks to further explore the game and solicit feedback and questions. The first such blog written by the devs themselves is presented below and covers the more unusual mechanics that underpin the gameworld, including aging, death, offline leveling, and family genetics. Soulbound Studios, the company behind the game, even addresses its planned business model. Enjoy!
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Wild Terra invites the public to play for free this weekend

The Wild Terra team would like to extend to you and several billion of your best friends the invitation to check out the game for free this weekend.

The isometric survival sandbox will be hosting a public test this weekend, separate from the ongoing beta test. The server rules for the test will be a little different as well, with increased player hearth and stamina, faster crop growth, and a full unlock of all recipes and buildings.

To participate, all you need to do is download the test client and jump in over the weekend!

Source: Juvty Worlds press release


League of Legends e-sports teams weather controversies

Two separate real-world controversies are impacting League of Legends e-sports teams.

First up is Team Immunity, an Oceanic organization that is now barred from participating in any Riot-sponsored competitions because its manager didn’t pay the players “in a timely fashion.” The players themselves aren’t banned but will have to reform as a new team to partake in upcoming championships. They claim “a mistake has been made” and are allegedly contesting the ban with Riot.

Then there’s Team Odyssey, which is coming under fire because its owner is reportedly price-gouging customers in his private, non-gaming business. Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO and Team Odyssey owner Martin Shkreli acquired the rights to sell Daraprim, a drug used, among other things, to treat malaria. He jacked up the price 5,500%, raising the ire of patients worldwide and prompting calls for Riot to investigate whether or not Shkreli violated the “moral turpitude” clause of the studio’s e-sports rules. Shkreli has since announced that he would be lowering the price on the drug.


WildStar plans quality-of-life improvements, midnight relaunch

WildStar’s massive free-to-play transition and patch is less than a week away, which means that Carbine is getting to the end of its revelations. Today the team posted an article that deals with ways that the patch will make gaming life easier for players come September 29th.

These quality-of-life changes might be small, but they should have a noticeable impact on how players experience the game. There will be a new “sell junk” button for vendors, allowing players to clear inventory with ease. Rapid transport will allow players to instantly port to locations (with a cooldown). Other improvements include an optional automatic mouselook mode, the ability to set navigation points, a character creation guided tour, and a revamped content finder.

WildStar’s auction house and commodities exchange are currently shut down in anticipation of the patch.

Source: WildStar
Carbine has announced a livestream lead-in to next week’s midnight launch and has dropped the key requirement for active testers.


Divergence Online adds consensual PvP server stretch goal

Yesterday, we published a detailed interview with Ethan Casner, one of the devs behind Star Wars Galaxies-inspired Divergence Online. The response was more or less as expected: a comment section debating the merits and flaws of its open PvP system, something SWG very definitely didn’t have. More than one of you was heard to say you’d be interested in the sandbox (and its crowdfunding) but for those plans for open PvP.

And by “was heard to say,” I literally mean heard. Stained Glass Llama has announced that in response to this feedback, it will add a stretch goal for its Indiegogo campaign that if met will enable a second server with a TEF-based (temporary enemy flag) consensual PvP server akin to SWG’s. The stretch goal is $20,000, $5000 more than this particular campaign’s overall goal.

Casner explained the decision to our commenters:

“As much as I don’t consider myself a businessman, I’m also not a complete idiot, and with as many people essentially saying “I would contribute but.. open-pvp”, it would be silly to completely discount the potential to bring in funding to the game that it definitely needs, while simultaneously proving to those new to the project that here is a developer who listens to the community. […] We round-tabled about it for a good part of today, reading comments, spitballing ideas and figuring up what all would be entailed in a hypothetical scenario where we ran two servers simultaneously. The result was that we decided to take the advice of one of your commentators, Mr Quincha, and indeed framework a stretch goal for our campaign that would, in fact, result in the creation of a secondary server with consensual (TEF) pvp.”

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Shroud of the Avatar is getting at least one novel

There’s a Shroud of the Avatar novel in the works, and it’s being credited to both developer Richard Garriott and author Tracy Hickman. Publisher Macmillan’s website lists the book’s title as The Sword of Midras, A Shroud of the Avatar Novel. The site also says that the book is the first volume of the Blade of the Avatar trilogy.

Hickman is a bestselling author of popular fantasy novels including the Deathgate Cycle and various excursions into the Dragonlance universe.

Source: Macmillan; Via: Mogsy


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