ARK Survival Evolved announces Valguero map expansion, launching tomorrow


It’s about to be a big week for ARK Survival Evolved: Wildcard just announced that it’s launching an expansion map for the game dubbed Valguero tomorrow on PC, with PS4 and Xbox One launches to follow next month.

“This free downloadable update for ARK adds a vast, diverse map with exotic biomes to explore and call home. Behold the gorgeous 63 square kilometer map offering breathtaking landscapes from the scenic mountain tops, lush rolling valleys, and dark cavernous gorges… Just don’t get lost in all the beauty as new encounters await including titanic boss arena battles, mysterious ruins, unexplored cave networks, and the new, ferociously quick and agile dinosaur, Deinonychus!”

If it sounds familiar, that’s because the original Valguero was a ButteMan Steam Workshop creation from a year back.

In addition to the new dino and sizable land-and-see map, the update is promising cave spelunking, explorable ruins, and a new boss challenge: “a boss arena where players face an epic battle against a Megapithecus, Manticore and Dragon in this heavy-hitting, triple threat encounter.”

Source: Press release
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