Bungie aims to deliver more Destiny 2 content ‘as often as [it] can deliver it’


The future is looking a bit brighter for Destiny 2, which, after much concern over the game’s prospects following Bungie’s split with Activision, recently announced that the game would be going free-to-play alongside the release of its upcoming Shadowkeep expansion this September. And according to VG247, who spoke to Bungie Project Lead Scott Taylor about the path ahead at E3 last week, players can expect to be receiving new content as fast as the studio can put it out: “The thing that we’ve learned this year with annual passes is that players […] want content to be coming as often as we can deliver it, so […] the season model here that we’re doing, we think is going to be continuing to evolve in that direction, where we’re delivering content as players want it,” Taylor said.

Bungie also spoke on the topic of its split from Activision and Destiny 2’s imminent departure from Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher for the new frontier of Steam. Apparently, it wasn’t a forced exit but a voluntary and calculated decision: “It just made the most sense at this point in time,” said Community Lead David Dague. “We are finding a new home for the PC community on Steam,” he explained, adding that the studio will be sharing more details on the process through which PC players will be able to transfer their Destiny 2 content from Battle.net to Steam “later on this summer.”

Source: VG24/7 (1, 2)
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