Best known in the west for Bless.

Battle Bards Episode 171: Forest Tales 2

Hitch up your shorts, buckle your boots, and step into another deep forest of MMORPG music with the Battle Bards! As diverse as the...

Massively Overthinking: Do you keep MMOs installed for the login freebies?

MOP reader Styopa proposed this fun topic for Massively Overthinking this week, prompted, he said, by Standing Stone Games' recent promotions for Lord of...

Global Chat: The right gear for the right occasion

Some of us are the types of players who are more than satisfied to get one be-all, does-all suit of gear and wear that...

Bless Unleashed offers apologies and goodies for Estate bugs and erroneous account bans

The devs of Bless Unleashed have written up a mea culpa regarding exploitation of the game's Estate system and the team's apparently overzealous wave...

Bless Unleashed’s spring update adds two new dungeons, reward changes, and much more

Bless Unleashed is still trucking along over on Xbox One - indeed, today is patch day as the spring update is live for console...

Bless Unleashed maps out content updates through November

Bless Unleashed has a content plan and it's sticking to it. The game has put out a content roadmap for April that outlines plans...

Here’s what the first 90 minutes of Bless Mobile look like

Care for another sneak peek at a Korean mobile MMO? Then take a gander at Bless Mobile, which is currently out for Korean players...

Bless Unleashed is back online after fixing a ‘critical hit critical issue’

In the wee hours of this Friday morning, Bless Unleashed ran into an issue. A "critical hit critial issue" even. One that forced the...

Bless Unleashed’s latest trailer touts its combat over tab-target MMOs

You might have forgotten about Bless Unleashed's recent launch, what with the world being aflame right now, but its launch, along with the release...
Cold times

The MOP Up: Big huge numbers for Monster Hunter World and Sky

We assume that there are some of you out there who get an injection of dopamine anytime that we mention Big Huge Numbers here...

Enter to win a Bless Unleashed Exalted founder pack courtesy of Neowiz and MOP

We're coming up on the official launch date for Bless Unleashed tomorrow, when the latest entry in the Bless franchise rolls out the free-to-play...
That's quite the moustache, my friend.

Bless Unleashed is hard at work fixing bugs and errors

As Bless Unleashed moves into the choppy waters of launch from the more placid seas of beta and headstart, it needs to address a number...

Preloading is live for Bless Unleashed’s headstart launch this afternoon

Neowiz is about to try again-again with the Bless franchise, as Bless Unleashed rolls into headstart today. Well, it starts today if you shelled...

Xbox Series X offers a look at ‘the next generation of gaming’

The Xbox Series X, Microsoft's latest entry in the popular Xbox line of consoles, is heading our way later this year. Despite a name...
Ah... huh.

Bless Unleashed details head start events for founder’s pack purchasers

If you're invested in the launch of Bless Unleashed to the point that you bought a founder's pack for the game, then you're not...
Oh, hi.

Bless Unleashed offers a two-part preview of its cash shop

With Bless Unleashed finally approaching a launch, the developers want you to be aware of it and feeling good about giving it a spin. And...
We built a very good house or something.

Bless Mobile is built from the ground up as a different game from the original Bless

If Bless Unleashed fails when it launches, we'll still have Bless Mobile, which is also claiming to be using the original Bless graphical assets but have nothing to...
That's quite the moustache, my friend.

Bless Unleashed details its Valor Perks character-buffing cash shop item

Pay-to-win? Pay-for-power? Pay to "unleash your character’s full potential as they traverse the dangerously beautiful lands of Lumios" as Bless Unleashed describes it? Whatever...
Leashes? We don't need no stinkin'... oh, never mind.

Bless Unleashed launches on March 12, founder pack purchases are live

We can no longer make jokes about Bless Unleashed not having a proper launch date, it seems, because the game's official launch has been announced...
Bless Unguilded

Bless Unleashed outlines plans for guild mechanics in the future

There are some things you just can't get done in certain time windows. Bless Unleashed has done as much as it can to be...