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Mortal Online opens up a new starting zone for players with today’s Haven update

The word "haven" means a lot of things, but almost all of them relate to a feeling of safety. In a game like Mortal...

Mortal Online revamps the whole newbie experience in next week’s Haven update

It's been a minute since we talked about Mortal Online, which earlier this year began teasing Mortal Online 2 and last year tried its...

The MOP Up: Warframe’s community designs stunning fashion

One really neat aspect of the ultra-popular Warframe is that Digital Extremes invites artistic community members to design cosmetics for the game. The best...
The most positive statement about anything Daybreak-related I am likely to make all year.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 209: ArenaNet layoffs, Blizzard layoffs, and PlanetSide Arena delays

Justin and Bree discuss the Guild Wars 2 layoffs, Blizzard layoffs, PlanetSide Arena's delay, WoW's allied races, and LOTRO's expansion, with adventures in DDO, SWGL, and Trove, and mailbag letters on ethical studios, ancient MMOs, and Project Titan.
Weepy weep weep.

Perfect Ten: The bloodiest MMOs of all time

I am not nor ever have been that much of a fan of gore and blood in video games. Oh, I thought Doom was...
Mortal Online

Mortal Online devs say they’re building Mortal Online 2 and bringing existing lifers and wealth along

Sandbox MMO Mortal Online developer Star Vault made headlines last year for Mortal Royale, a battle royale that boasts a giant map and a...

Mortal Online devs will launch Mortal Royale to Steam early access today

So here's a thing that did not exactly make my list of favorite trends this year: MMOs transparently courting the battle royale market with...

Mortal Online sandbox MMO devs try battle royale with Mortal Royale

Trove, Skyforge, and now Mortal Online - it's a weird batch of MMORPGs whose devs are getting into the battle royale scene, but there...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 178: #womenarecosmetic

Justin and Bree discuss WoW's Battle for Azeroth, Wild West Online, Star Citizen, Defiance 2050, Rend, and Fractured, with a mailbag question on in-game conflict resolution and a special interview on Blaugust Reborn.
Mortal Online

Mortal Online warns of data breach, advises users to change passwords

If you've been playing Mortal Online this spring or summer, you should probably be aware that a troubling data breach that happened last month...

Mortal Online doesn’t just expose you to weather, it lets you control it

Mortal Online is going all-in on the weather industry. The forecast? A storm of fury, electrocution, and ice, all coming in a low front...

The Daily Grind: Why does EVE survive where other PvP sandboxes stumble?

MOP reader Tobasco da Gama pointed us to a recent Reddit thread about why EVE Online persists, even in a weakened state, where other...

Mortal Online breaks ground on modular housing patch

After months of anticipation and previews, Mortal Online's much-hyped modular housing update is finally here. Patch 1.86 adds the ability to create and decorate...

Mortal Online’s modular housing gets even more robust

With the game's next "beast of a patch," Mortal Online will offer even more options for the game's revised modular housing system. The upcoming patch...

Mortal Online wants to move you into a brand-new house

It's time to abandon those old Mortal Online digs and check in to an upgrade. The devs unveiled a player housing revamp this week...
Well... yes, that does look strictly better.

Mortal Online revamps all of its racial textures

Rebuilding a game's models is hard and somewhat grueling work. Luckily, you can get some of the same impact at times by just providing...

Halloween sinks its fangs into Tree of Life, Fractured Space, and Mortal Online

The avalanche of MMO Halloween events continues to thunder down over us, and we are digging as fast as we can to stay on...

Perfect Ten: MMORPGs for mature audiences only

As with mainstream movies, it seems that the MMORPG industry has settled comfortably into the PG-13 zone for its approach and themes. Sure, there's...
It is a world with nothing nice to say about Jay-Z.

Mortal Online explains the Etherworld in depth

The latest patch for Mortal Online allows players to hide objects inside of the ether world, pick up and leave objects inside of the...
Yeah, this is the time it'll all come together, for sure.

Mortal Online has landed on Steam

Do you enjoy the concept of Mortal Online but have a long-standing vow to not play any MMOs you cannot purchase and play natively...