Valorant unveils a new character ahead of its launch on June 2

While Riot Games' online team shooter Valorant still isn't quite out the door just yet, it apparently still has a few new things to...

Valorant officially launches on June 2 with a season pass and a new game mode (that’s not deathmatch)

It looks like Riot Games is ready to call beta testing for Valorant just about done. During a Summer Game Fest livestream, the studio...
I half-see.

Amazon’s Crucible delivers a five-minute overview

Amazon Game Studios hopes you aren't too busy next week -- perhaps even staying home for the duration. And if you're just hanging around,...
I hate this.

Valorant has so far found and banned over 8,000 cheaters, causing sweet cheater tears to flow

As contentious as Valorant's Vanguard anti-cheat process has been, it appears to be yielding some results. According to a tweet from anti-cheat pipeline designer...

Riot addresses diversity, Valorant toxicity, and Vanguard anti-cheat (again)

It's been a year and a half since a Kotaku expose blew the lid off of flagrantly sexist and abusive behavior at Riot Games,...

Fight or Kite: Valorant’s place in an MMO player’s rotation

The new hotness from Riot Games, developer of League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, delivers twitchy, intense FPS action in Valorant. The game has...
It's a real laugh.

Betawatch: Chronicles of Elyria insists it’s totally still in development

So... about Chronicles of Elyria. Yes, it has laid off its entire staff and the studio founder announced that it was shuttering. But it...

Valorant allows players to turn off its anti-cheat system process and makes it more visible

Riot Games' competitive FPS Valorant drew in a lot of attention for all the wrong reasons when the devs confirmed that a background process...

The Daily Grind: Have you ever been harassed in an MMO?

Riot's Valorant made headlines this past weekend, and not entirely for reasons Riot would've liked, when multiple Riot devs spoke up about harassment they've...

No, the Valorant influencers running all those stream giveaways aren’t being paid by Riot

We've talked before about how Valorant has been making big numbers on Twitch spurred mostly by beta keys being dished out for watching streams,...

Riot Games defends Valorant’s Vanguard security driver, offers a $100k bounty to exploit it

Last week, Riot Games unveiled that their in-development competitive FPS Valorant runs an anti-cheat process in the background of player systems, which caused no...
That arena is sure shadowy.

Betawatch: Shadow Arena’s final beta test is happening now

It's the final countdown! Wait... no, I'm sorry, it's not a countdown at all. It's the actual final beta test for Shadow Arena and...

Riot Games outlines rules for Valorant esports competition including a ‘no blood’ toggle

With Valorant all over the gaming news recently and in the minds of a fair few (judging by the number of people watching streams...

Riot Games talks about the tech that keeps Valorant running smoothly and free of wallhack cheats

Riot Games is all in on making sure Valorant is one of the better-running and protected competitive FPS titles in the industry, and they're...

Riot developer confirms Valorant has an anti-cheat process running in the background

Many folks feel extremely strongly about multiplayer games that have anti-cheat processes that run when the game boots up, so we feel it fair...
One last round.

Betawatch: WoW’s Shadowlands hits alpha, Virtuverse moves to public testing

Yes, after all the waiting, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands was announced to be going into alpha testing and then finally did so. If you...

Livestreams of Valorant’s closed beta broke a Twitch viewership record (because people wanted free keys)

Riot Games' multiplayer FPS Valorant was in a limited closed beta this past Tuesday, and there were a whole lot of people tuning in...

Riot’s Runeterra launches April 30 while COVID-19 slows Valorant

We were just talking on the podcast about how, with everyone stuck at home and looking for gaming outlets, that this is the perfect...
What the el. Yon. Elyon.

Betawatch: Ascent Infinite Realm rebranded to Elyon during beta

Rebranding is one of those things that always feels like a bigger deal than it might be but also easy to under-sell by accident....

Valorant’s closed beta starts next week, while Runeterra improves its economy

In a bid to make all of the video games in the known universe, Riot Games is juggling several major projects right now. Its...